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Got a bike? Come ride it! The weather's perfect here in Claremont, CA. With the Angeles National Forest at our doorstep and great local rides in the foothills, the Claremont Colleges Cycling Club is the perfect way to connect with others on frequent group rides. The easiest way to do this is by joining our Google Groups mailing list.

Congrats CCC on First Place in D2 / Fifth Overall

Team race results just came out for the previous race in San Diego. Claremont Colleges Cycling received 5th place, out of 12th overall, placing just behind large D1 schools (UCLA, UCSB, SDSU, UCSD). What does that mean? CCC got first place in D2!

View the race results here (CCC and Claremont should be listed as one team).

Nice work Claremont!

Posted by Neal Kemp on April 22, 2010

San Diego Road Race Report

This past weekend was the CSUSM Road Race which was held an hour east of San Diego. The race was a 22-mile course with around 2000 feet of climb. Women's B/C and Men's C/D were subjected to one lap of this course while Men's A was subjected to three grueling laps.

Elliot DuMont, Lauren Cantwell, Kyle Block, Neal Kemp, Nick Rowe, and Mark D'Avino attended the race which culminated in great successes for Claremont Cycling. Elliot finished in fifth place in Men's A. Mark, who raced in his first race ever, took first place in Men's D with a winning time of 1:01:44. Lauren Cantwell, in her second cycling race ever again placed second in Women's B.

Some of the racers cooled off with cold beverages and delicious tacos in Tecate, Mexico after the race. The Claremont Cycling team will continue training for the conference championships in Santa Cruz on May 1st and 2nd.

Posted by Neal Kemp On April 14, 2010

UCLA Race Report

This past weekend was the UCLA Road Race in good old Pearblossom, California! The race for both Men's D and Women's C was 25 miles consisting of two 12.5 mile loops with over 1500 ft of climbing per lap!

Attendees of the racer were Lauren Cantwel, Kyle Block, Neal Kemp, Caitlin Sweaney and a new addition to the team Nick. Riders did well with Lauren placing 2nd in her very first womens road race ever! Everyone raced well and looked especially well in the new team kits!!!

This weekend features another collegiate race in San Diego. Attending racers this weekend will be Elliot DuMont, Mark D'Avino, and Lauren Cantwell.

Go Team!

Posted by Elliot DuMont on April 5, 2010